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Get expert orthopedic medical care for shoulder issues ranging from arthritis to dislocations and fractures.

At Austin Shoulder Institute, Benjamin Szerlip, DO, and Robert Graham, MD combine their expert training with years of experience to focus on one thing: shoulders. If you have shoulder pain, make an appointment today.

our mission

To provide expert, customized orthopedic treatments and surgeries to heal shoulder conditions and relieve pain.


To treat every patient with integrity and respect, the way we would want our own families to be treated.


To offer patient-focused care, taking all factors into account leading to improved patient outcomes.


We offer a complete range of orthopedic care options, including shoulder surgery, arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, shoulder and knee arthroscopy, shoulder fractures and dislocation, total and reverse shoulder joint replacement, and treatments for sports injuries.

3D illustration of Rotator Cuff Pain, shoulder pain, medical concept
Rotator Cuff Surgery
If you’ve injured your rotator cuff and your body hasn’t healed with rest, Austin Shoulder Institute offers surgical repair.
3D illustration, shoulder pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Dislocated Shoulder
A dislocated shoulder causes instability and pain. If you feel like you’ve lost strength and your shoulder is loose, get help today.
3D illustration, shoulder pain/labral pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Labral Repair
Our doctors offer several repair options for labrum, the ring of soft tissue that holds your shoulder together, injuries.
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Shoulder Fracture Care
The orthopedists offer both nonsurgical and surgical options to repair and restore shoulder fractures.
3D illustration, shoulder pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Total Shoulder Replacement
If your shoulder has degenerated or is damaged beyond repair, you can have a shoulder replacement surgery.
3D illustration of Rotator Cuff Pain, shoulder pain, medical concept
Shoulder Replacement
If part of your shoulder is severely damaged, you may benefit from a shoulder replacement procedure.
3D illustration, shoulder pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is a minimally-invasive approach to shoulder surgery that allows for quick recovery.
3D illustration, shoulder pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure used for diagnostic purposes as well as for some surgical repairs.
3D illustration, shoulder pain/labral pain skeleton x-ray, medical concept.
Reverse Shoulder Replacement
A reverse shoulder replacement can restore your shoulder if you have a severe rotator cuff tear or a prior, unsuccessful replacement.
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Sports Injury
Shoulder injuries are common sports injuries, but don’t let shoulder tendonitis or a labral tear keep you off the field.

Robert Graham, MD and Benjamin Szerlip, DO are fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic specialists, serving the communities in and around North Austin. With decades of combined experience, they offer outstanding patient care.

Robert Graham, MD

North Austin

Dr. Graham graduated from MIT, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering before earning his medical degree at Duke University. He also served his orthopedic residency at Duke and went on to complete rigorous fellowship training at Taos Orthopedic Institute in Taos, NM.

Benjamin W. Szerlip, DO

Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock

Dr. Szerlip received his bachelor’s at the College of Wooster and completed post-baccalaureate in clinical research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He earned his medical degree from Ohio University and served his orthopedic surgery residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland.  Dr. Szerlip completed his fellowship in shoulder and elbow surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston.

Ellen L.

Dr. Szerlip has been a blessing to me.  As a alternative to surgery at this time for my shoulder pain, he recommended physical therapy and steroid treatment and it has worked wonderfully.  I highly recommend Dr. Szerlip. Also, the nurses and staff there are a pleasure to deal with.

William E.

Dr. Graham was attentive and professional. For a busy surgery practice, he was very reachable when any concerns arose. Came highly recommended and deserves all the recognition.

Carlos B.

I highly recommend anyone in need of shoulder work to make Dr. Szerlip their 1st choice.

Thomas M.

Dr. Graham is an exceptional Doctor. Very Personable and listens to the patient and explains any procedures he may suggest. I highly recommend Dr. Graham.

Tacey M

Dr. Szerlip’s bedside manner is just as excellent as his surgical skills. Highly recommend him!

John R.

Dr. Graham is fantastic and I highly recommend him.  He fixed up my shoulder and its healing up now. So far I have been very happy with the care Dr. Graham has provided me.  If you have shoulder issues Dr. Graham is the doctor to see.

Marianne D.

I appreciate Dr. Szerlip’s decision to treat my problem with a conservative choice rather than going straight to surgery.  He is very personable as are the staff with him. While young, he is an expert in his field. Since I am an old woman, I loved that he told me that what he was advising was what he’d tell his mother!  That’s what I like to hear!

Michael W.

All parts of being a patient with Dr. Graham’s office have been outstanding. He is the Best!!!

Tim S.

Dr. Szerlip was excellent to work with!  He made me feel very comfortable with his expertise of my injury and the explanation of my options.  I saw 4 different doctors about my shoulder injury and I felt most confident with him. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Szerlip!

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Portrait Photo of Dr. Benjamin W. Szerlip, one of the providers
17 Apr: Dr. Szerlip Delivers Academic Presentations in Las Vegas
This month, I delivered academic presentations to help new shoulder specialists increase their understanding of the nuance of their chosen specialty. Often, the most challenging part of surgery is identifying the best procedure to address a patient’s needs, the experience we develop on a daily basis helps us to troubleshoot potential complications for our patients.
Doctors examining xray for shoulder fractures blog
07 Mar: How Do Shoulder Fractures Typically Occur?
The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body. It includes the upper arm bone (humerus), the scapula (shoulder blade), and clavicle (collar bone.) A fracture of the shoulder refers to a broken bone in any of these three areas.
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Dr. Robert Graham and Dr. Benjamin Szerlip are dedicated to serving the communities in and around North Austin. You can find Dr. Graham at our North Austin location and Dr. Szerlip at all three locations: North Austin, Round Rock and Cedar Park.

Austin, TX

12309 North Mopac Expressway, #150
Austin, TX 78758

Phone: 512-244-0766

Robert Graham, MD | Benjamin W. Szerlip, DO

Round Rock, TX