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What treatment for shoulder instability involves

The shoulder is incredibly mobile, which means it has the potential to slip out of its socket and cause pain and dysfunction. Shoulder instability can be a one-time event or become chronic. Read on to learn how it’s treated.
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Returning to sports after shoulder surgery

Being sidelined with a shoulder injury can be frustrating, but returning too early to the game can seriously interfere with optimal recovery. When it’s time to return to your sport, be smart and do so gradually.
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Weight lifting tips to avoid injury

An injury is the last thing you want when you’re working out with weights to get stronger and leaner. Follow these smart strategies so you don’t end up injured from lifting weights.
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What is frozen shoulder?

The pain and stiffness in your shoulder doesn’t necessarily mean you need surgery. If you’re experiencing the symptoms associated with frozen shoulder, physical therapy might be the solution to all of your problems.
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Tips for shoulder replacement recovery

It’s easy to understand why the surgical procedure itself is vital to successful shoulder replacement. But, along with choosing a qualified surgeon, the recovery and rehabilitation periods are as important as the procedure.
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How to prepare for rotator cuff surgery

The prospect of surgery can be anxiety-inducing, but knowing what to expect can help. Read this helpful article for some suggestions on what to do before you have rotator cuff surgery.
Post Shoulder Surgery Exercises

Post shoulder surgery exercise tips

Having any type of surgery can be a scary proposition for people, and arthroscopic shoulder surgery is no different. You know you’ll have to spend some time recovering in the hospital and at home and then have physical therapy.