When sports medicine is the right option for you

Sports medicine helps competitive athletes and weekend warriors get into optimal condition, avoid injury, and restore function if a problem develops. Read on to learn when you should seek sports medicine support.


As an athlete, you want to maintain optimal function so you can perform at your best. While our sports medicine specialists at Austin Shoulder Institute can help you if you suffer an injury during practice or competition, they’re also instrumental in helping you optimize function and prevent injury in the first place.

Candidates for sports medicine

Our sports medicine specialists have undergone special training to address issues in active people. You don’t have to be Lebron James to seek sports medicine support. Adolescents and adults who play team sports, race individually or exercise for personal fitness can benefit.

You may also benefit from sports medicine support if you’re not currently active but want to increase your levels. The team at Austin Shoulder Institute can make recommendations for the best activity for you and a pace that will keep you healthy and injury-free.

Injury treatment

Sports injuries are common. Chances are, if you’re active, you’ll eventually experience an injury in your lifetime. Sports injuries often involve trauma — such as a hard fall or tackle — or overuse of muscles and joints. At Austin Shoulder Institute, our doctors address shoulder injuries along with

  • Back and spine injuries
  • Hip injuries
  • Stress fractures
  • Concussions
  • Hand and wrist issues
  • Knee injuries

Injury prevention

Accidents happen during physical activity, but even these can be prevented with the proper training and conditioning. Our Austin Shoulder Institute doctors also help you understand the appropriate protective gear to wear and equipment to use to reduce risk of injury.

You may undergo analysis to determine if you have an abnormal gait or patterns of movement that are contributing to an injury. If so, our team can help you achieve more normalized movement and prevent injury from occurring or recurring, as the case may be.

Sports medicine therapy

We’re dedicated to getting you back into the game quickly. Most of the time, your sports injury does not require surgery. You benefit from a combination of rest, physical therapy, bracing, pain relievers, and other treatments. If you should have a complex joint injury, broken bone, or severely torn connective tissue, you may need surgery.

If you do undergo surgery, our staff is with your every step of the way. They help you recover and rehabilitate so you get back to the activities you love as soon as possible.

Urgent care

If you have an immediate need, such as a bone that seems to have broken during practice or signs of swelling, severe pain, numbness, and the inability to put weight on an affected area, you should seek urgent or emergency room care. You can always call our office to inquire about available appointments, but you may need a severe injury stabilized immediately in an emergency room.

Austin Shoulder Institute’s sports medicine team can help you rehabilitate following such an injury and prevent it from occurring again.

Benefit from the expert sports medicine care at our three locations. We’re available for a consultation and therapy. Call to make an appointment or use this website to schedule your visit.


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