Doctors examining xray for shoulder fractures blog
07 Mar: How Do Shoulder Fractures Typically Occur?
The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in your body. It includes the upper arm bone (humerus), the scapula (shoulder blade), and clavicle (collar bone.) A fracture of the shoulder refers to a broken bone in any of these three areas.
Physical therapist stretching arm of older woman for frozen shoulder blog
29 Mar: What is frozen shoulder?
The pain and stiffness in your shoulder doesn’t necessarily mean you need surgery. If you’re experiencing the symptoms associated with frozen shoulder, physical therapy might be the solution to all of your problems.
Doctor discussing options with patient for tips for shoulder replacement recovery blog
22 Feb: Tips for shoulder replacement recovery
It’s easy to understand why the surgical procedure itself is vital to successful shoulder replacement. But, along with choosing a qualified surgeon, the recovery and rehabilitation periods are as important as the procedure.
Post Shoulder Surgery Exercises
01 Nov: Post shoulder surgery exercise tips
Having any type of surgery can be a scary proposition for people, and arthroscopic shoulder surgery is no different. You know you’ll have to spend some time recovering in the hospital and at home and then have physical therapy.