Dr. Szerlip did a repair of my complete distal biceps tendon tear. I am delighted at how well the surgery and recovery have gone. I had surgery on a Tuesday and by Sunday I did not need any pain medication. The nerve block and early pain medication resulted in very minimal pain in the first few days after surgery. The nerve block to my arm allowed them to use much less general anesthesia which at age 70 was important and made recovery after surgery much easier. I was very pleased with the information I was given throughout the process. Dr. Szerlip and his staff showed that they really care. I felt they gave me the information needed to make informed decisions about the surgery and other follow-up procedures. My goal in getting the surgery is to be able to continue to play league softball as a pitcher. I am still in Rehab but all indications are great. Thanks to Dr Szerlip, his staff, and his recommended Therapists for a job well done! You have exceeded all my expectations!