Since 11/2017 when I found Dr. Graham on the website, I’ve been totally satisfied with his services. I had a shoulder injury and unsure how. I saw another orthopedic specialist but I was doubtful in his treatment and post care. He had informed me that after shoulder surgery I could not shower for two weeks. What really made me doubtful with him is when I asked him if I would be able to use my left shoulder, hand and arm again, he immediately said, “I hope so.” So this is when I immediately knew I had to find someone else. I searched the internet and found Dr. Robert Graham and Dr. Szerlip. It was a hard decision but I just clicked on Dr. Graham’s picture. I am so THANKFUL and BLESSED that I chose him. When I initially visited him, he gave me a diagnosis of my MRI, what was needed and how it would be done by arthroscopic. The last doctor wanted an open surgery and didn’t offer any other kind of surgery techniques. Dr. Graham performed my surgery Jan 2018 and everything went fine. I was sent home the same day with pain meds in a small surgical bag for two days. I only had to use 1 pain pill and not any after. I’ve been in PT since Feb and she said my healing is beyond where I am supposed to be. I rarely have any or no pain. Dr. Graham’s bed side manner was exceptional. He always had a great attitude with a smile on his face. When I found him and right before and after surgery many people told me he’s the best shoulder specialist throughout the state. I am so fortunate and blessed to find an exceptional bright and educated doctor. His physician’s assistant, Stephen, is again, smart, bright and knowledgeable. The remaining staff at ASI (north mopac) is cordial, kind and exceptional organized. Before and after surgery they give me a complete packet on what to do, what to expect prior and after surgery. Also, post appointments were made prior to surgery. I am greatly impressed with the professionalism that they display at this office. Also, Jonathan H. have answered many of my calls pertaining to meds, dr work statements, PT and other issues. All were completed in a timely and professional manner. Yes, I am truly blessed to find Dr. Graham and his staff. I am most thankful for my God and Jesus Christ to allow me to find Dr. Graham and his staff. Thanks for a job well done. I am progressing well.